"Howdy Folks! Welcome to the little mining town of Rainbow Ridge, the gateway to Nature's Wonderland"

This is my documentation of my miniature re-creation of the long-gone Disneyland attraction: Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland. This is a selectively compressed model railroad, in On30 scale at 5' X 7.5' that has been in progress since September 2005. In May of 2016, I finally got the layout to a point where I declared it "finished".

I started the layout when I was a sophomore in high school with basic skills and over the years the layout has been improved and reworked in drastic ways to match my ever improving model making skills. In fact, since I started rebuilding the sections to better quality and standards, I've actually created a whole new layout, piece by piece.

This is a stand-by basis project without a deadline, so it tends to hit the back-burner a lot due to other things with higher priorities. But whenever I can, I'll give an update when there is something worth talking about. All of my updates since day one are here, which include photos, videos, and plenty of rambling notes and descriptions.

Progress Report: 12/30/05

The Town is pretty much complete except for a few small details(chairs, barrels,Etc.) Added some ballest

Rainbow caverns is covered and I ordered the blacklight for it. Rainbow ridge hill is also covered. Started on some Rockwork in Beaver Valley. (I'm making my rockwork out of Celluclay)

Progress Report: 12/23/05

Most buildings are comleted. Clarion and general store are next to be worked on. I had to eliminate two buildings in order to make it look right proportion wise because it's such a small area.

They are sorta blurred because I didn't have a tripod or something to rest the camera on, here's the train is rounding around the unfinished Cascade Peak.

Progress Report: 12/3/05

Natural arch bridge, cliffs, and "spur line" tunnel in the living desert.

Rainbow caverns structure and Rainbow Ridge hill structure.

The train and loading area. The Engine is almost done and the cars need some paint touch-ups.

The headlight is not the box type yet but it will be modified soon.

Progress Report: 10/22/05

Part of the boarding platform has been built, and the "waiting area", the entrance, and exit are next to be built.

Progress Report: 10/17/05

Progress report:

Cascade peak is more "full"

Structures of tunnels are added

The bases for cars are made

Here is my Mine train through Nature's Wonderland On30 4 X 7 layout. As you can see, It's still in it's construction phase.

That popsicle stick structure is (or will be) Cascade Peak

That locomotive you see on the track closes to you is a Bachmann 0-4-0 porter that will be painted to look like the NWRR trains later.You could also see the bear country trestle.

Instead of going underground, The train just goes over a cross.